Voces Action organizes mass response to fresh attack on workers and immigrants

This Saturday, Voces de la Frontera Action will be mobilizing twenty buses from five cities across the state to rally at the capitol as a pro-immigrant contingency in solidarity with union workers at the We Are Wisconsin rally. On Wednesday evening, by separating it as a non-fiscal issue and in blatant violation of state open meetings law, the senate voted 18-1 to eliminate collective bargaining rights for public workers in Wisconsin.  By flagrantly disregarding the due process of law and the will of a growing majority of Wisconsinites, Governor Walker has shown that he is not working for the interests of Wisconsin families.

Following is a statement from Christine Neumann-Ortiz, executive director of Voces de la Frontera Action:
“The slogan ‘one day longer, one day stronger’ is more than a chant. It is a reality in Wisconsin. Except for large corporations and the wealthy, no group is spared in Walker’s plans.  Scott Walker’s agenda is a twin-headed beast that is attacking both our rights as workers and our civil rights.

Walker is not just attacking workers’ rights to collectively bargain- he also wants to trample on the civil rights of immigrant families in our state, denying access to health care for legal immigrants, and repealing instate tuition rights for Wisconsin undocumented youth.

In addition, an Arizona-copycat bill is being circulated for cosponsors in the Assembly that would legalize racial profiling, and is clearly unconstitutional.  Walker is sure to sign it, if we do not mobilize now in mass numbers in solidarity with other workers.”

The bus schedule for Saturday’s events can be found on our website, www.vdlf.org

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