Press Conference to Endorse Bob Wirch for Senate District 22, Kick Off Campaign to Increase Latino Vote in Kenosha

WHO: Voces de la Frontera Action

WHAT: Press Conference to Endorse Bob Wirch for State Senate, Kick Off for Latino voter drive in Kenosha

WHEN: Monday, August 1 11:00 am

WHERE: 1213 55th Street Kenosha, WI  53140 Phone: (262) 484-4577

On Monday, Voces de la Frontera Action will be holding a press conference to announce our support of incumbent State Senator Robert Wirch for Senate District 22, in the August 16th recall elections.  The press conference will be held at the new Voces Action Kenosha office.

We are also happy to announce a new campaign to increase the Latino voter turnout in Kenosha, Senator Wirch’s area.

Latinos will play a major role in the upcoming Wisconsin recall elections.  U.S. Census Bureau figures from March 2010 show that the Latino population in Wisconsin has grown by 74%, since 2000. In Kenosha County, Latinos now account for 11.8%, of the total population, an increase of 82.1%.

According to Christine Neumann-Ortiz, Executive Director of Voces de la Frontera Action, “As we witness the continuing attacks on working class families such as dramatic cuts to health care and public education, and the repeal of instate tuition rights for immigrant youth who seek a better future–it is critical that Latinos turn out to vote for candidates such as Senator Wirch, who will block the kind of slash-and-burn policies that are taking place in our state.”

Rogelio Perez, a Voces de la Frontera Action member and a Kenosha small business owner, says:

“I support Senator Wirch because I have known him for many years, and know that he is a responsible leader that supports a healthy economy and workplace. Senator Wirch is a strong supporter of workers, unions, small business owners, and large corporations.  We need a leader like him in tough economic times. I asked Voces de la Frontera Action to come to Kenosha because I see the power of to engage Latino voters in elections.

On August 16, Election Day, Voces’ Action Kenosha office and Voces Action volunteers will serve as a resource center for voters who need information or transportation to the polls.”

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