Our students are ready to take down Scott Walker! Are you?


,Are you ready for a new governor? We are.

Voces de la Frontera Action has been busy knocking on doors of voters, making phone calls, and doing all we can to get ready for June 5th, and the recall election of Scott Walker.

Wisconsin has had enough. Enough of Scott Walker’s attacks on public employees, teachers, immigrants, students, unions, women, the environment- you name it, he’s gone after it.

We’re fighting back.  And since we’re fighting for the future of our state, let’s take a look at how the younger generation gets things done.

Check out this short video of the students of Voces de la Frontera Action explaining why it’s important to VOTE for Tom Barrett on June 5th.

And then share it. Let’s show every Wisconsinite how the youth of our state are rising up to defend their own rights, and ours.

After you watch our video, join us!  We need as many volunteers as possible to help get out the vote for Tom Barrett! Call us at (414) 643-1620 if you’re able to help, or stop by our Milwaukee office (1027 S. 5th Street).  We are running canvasses every day from now until the election.

And of course, we need financial help to keep this GOTV machine running. To donate, just click here.

Finally, doing your own civic duty doesn’t have to wait until June 5th!  Early voting is happening now through June 1st!



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