Is this the end of same-day voter registration?

Thanks to Governor Scott Walker & friends’ journey to slay democracy within our state, on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013, Wisconsin residents will be faced with voting on a referendum to decide whether we should keep same-day voter registration or nullify it.


Why is same-day voter registration relevant?


How will eliminating same-day voter registration hurt us?

  • It will cost taxpayers up to $14.5 million to eliminate same-day voter registration in the state, which would mean that bureaucracies with endless wait lines like the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) would have to establish a system to provide registration services
  •  Ending registration at the polls suppresses the minority and working class vote through inaccessible registration hours and locations
  • Our state’s proud history of above-average civic engagement will be no more, as this push would undermine voters who do not operate on the state’s schedule
  • It is an underhanded partisan trick to tip the scale in favor of a particular party:

“Marquette’s Alumni Memorial Union hosted the top three wards with the most same-day voter registrations in Milwaukee, according to statistics from the city commission. A majority of voters who cast ballots at Marquette’s polling site registered the same day. Of those same-day registrations, 42 percent voted Republican and 58 percent Democrat, city commission data showed.

YOU decide whether we keep fair balance by keeping same-day registration in Wisconsin- VOTE April 2nd, 2013!





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