Candidates endorsed by Voces de la Frontera Action!

Randy Bryce:
Randy Bryce has used his campaign as a platform to stand in solidarity with immigrant youth and parents threatened with persecution and deportation under the new Administration. Bryce has been involved in our movement for student, worker, and immigrant rights for years. His bold platform includes Medicare for all, the abolition of ICE, and tuition-free public higher education.

Earnell Lucas:
Earnell Lucas will oppose racial profiling, end the deaths and abuses, and work for the safety of all Milwaukee families. He will work to increase public safety and rebuild trust with Milwaukee County’s diverse residents, and he will not collaborate with the Trump Administration’s campaign of terror against immigrant families.

Marisabel Cabrera for State Assembly District 9:
Marisabel Cabrera will work to provide an immigration reform under which all immigrant families in Wisconsin will be protected. Cabrera will champion human rights on a variety of issues. Her work emphasizes the importance of affordable healthcare, funding for public education, and ensuring public safety.

Gabriel Gomez for State Assembly District 21:
Gabriel Gomez proposes stricter gun laws, greater investment in public education, and an increase in the minimum wage. As an advocate of equity, Gomez will also work to bridge the gender pay gap and offer protection to undocumented immigrant families living in Wisconsin.

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