Why It’s Important to Vote for Candidates Endorsed by Voces de la Frontera Action

Jill Karofsky – Wisconsin Supreme Court
• The state Supreme Court matters because it has final say on state constitutional matters, including voting rights and public education. When Voces sought information on former Sheriff Clarke’s cooperation with immigration officials and lower courts agreed with us, the conservative majority in the Supreme Court blocked us from the information.
• Jill Karofksy is the best candidate because of her experience and commitment to human rights. She’s been a leading advocate for victims of crimes, especially violence against women. The right-wing controls five of the Court’s seven seats. Jill’s victory would cut their number to four.

Chris Larson – Milwaukee County Executive
• The County Executive matters because he/she is the top official for Milwaukee County government and its $1 billion-plus budget for health care, social services, public transportation, parks, public safety and other issues.
• Chris Larson is the best candidate because he has been a long-time supporter of Voces and our issues. As a former County Supervisor and State Senator, he has the experience we want for the County’s chief executive. He has rejected contributions from large special interest groups.

Brett Blomme and Rebecca Kiefer – Milwaukee County Judges
• County Circuit Court Judges matter because they preside over almost all court trials, including civil and criminal cases.
• Brett Blomme is the best candidate in Branch 5 because he is a former state public defender, a strong human rights advocate and an LGBTQ+ leader.
• Rebecca Kiefer is the best candidate in Branch 29 because she has been an Assistant District Attorney who cares about the needs of children and victims and challenges mass incarceration. She helped write the state’s Domestic Violence Prosecutor’s Manual.

Ryan Clancy – Milwaukee County Supervisor 4th district
• The County Board matters because it is the legislative branch of county government. Supervisors approve the County budget and set policies for many County services.
• Ryan Clancy is the best candidate for District 4 Supervisor because he is a dedicated advocate for human rights and social justice. He has worked with peace advocates in several countries, taught in Milwaukee Public Schools and started a business, which he has closed on May 1 in solidarity with out Day Without Latinos. He led the fight against county funding for a facility that was used to detain minors.

Tearman Spencer – Milwaukee City Attorney
• The City Attorney matters because they handle the city’s legal affairs. Their opinion is important on all local issue. The City Attorney has a role in keeping Milwaukee from partnering with federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
• Tearman Spencer is the best candidate because he is an experienced lawyer dedicated to immigrant rights and police accountability. He will fight against using city government as an arm of immigration officials, and he supports ID cards and driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants. He would be the first person of color in the office.

Aycha Sawa – Milwaukee City Comptroller
• The City Comptroller matters because he/she is the city’s Chief Financial Officer, administering an annual budget of $1.6 billion. The Comptroller can help ensure that tax dollars are not used to criminalize immigrants and people of color, and that funds are invested intelligently in social programs.
• Aycha Sawa is the best candidate because she has been Deputy Comptroller for three years and an auditor before that in the private sector and for the state. She will be a smart, independent guardian of city funds.

Jocasta Zamarripa, Marina Dimitrejevic, Peter Bergalis – Milwaukee City Alderwomen
• Alderpeople matter because they are the legislative branch of city government. They have influence over the city budget, Milwaukee police, local zoning issues among others.
• Jocasta Zamarripa is the best candidate for Milwaukee District 8 and Marina Dimitrejevic is the best candidate for Milwaukee District 14 because both are progressives who are long-time supporters of Voces and rights for immigrants. Zamarripa has been a state representative and Dimitrejevic has been Chair of the County Board of Supervisors.
• Peter Bergalis is the best candidate for Milwaukee District because he will be a strong progressive alderman replacing a conservative who has voted against Voces’ interests.

YES to Referendum on increased funding for Milwaukee Public Schools
• Milwaukee public schools are much less funded than surrounding school districts. The additional funds, from a small property tax increase, will fund nurses, teachers and others.

YES to Referendum on fair redistricting of legislative districts
• The right-win State Legislature created political districts to favor Republicans. So they win more seats in the Legislature even while Democrats receive more total votes. A new method of drawing districts is needed to be fair to all voters.

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