Voces’ Maldonado shares stage with Elizabeth Warren on making elections work

The entire program can be viewed at: https://indivisible.org/indivisible-live-demand-safe-voting-virtual-townhall-elizabeth-warren-indivisible?akid=a5966446.1857262.O-22Kp&aktmid=tm814921.GMF5m5&rd=1&source=conf&t=1.

There’s a “big informational gap” which makes it harder for Latinx to vote, said Voces’ Statewide Political Director Fabi Maldonado during a Wednesday, May 27 virtual town hall on “Safe Voting.”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren was the headline panelist in the discussion hosted by Indivisible.org. The focus was demanding voting by mail along with more and safer in-person voting locations, two huge obstacles for Wisconsin Latinos in the recent, flawed April 7, 2020 election.

Core details like the date of the election, the locations of voting sites and the eligibility rules kept changing, Maldonado said. The changes were as late as the eve of the election when the State Supreme Court overturned the Governor’s order to delay the election and expand absentee voting.

So many people were confused, said Maldonado. “And not only did we have to get people the right information, we also had to get people informed about how to vote by mail.”

That’s why Voces de la Frontera and its sister organization, Voces de la Frontera Action, are putting so much energy into building communication networks among families and neighbors through things like its Voceros program. That way information can be quickly and accurately distributed.

What’s really needed, Maldonado said, “is a big, publicly funded information campaign.”

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