VDLF Action Celebrates Gableman’s Withdrawal of Baseless Subpoenas

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(WISCONSIN) – Yesterday, Tuesday, February 15, 2022, Voces de la Frontera Action’s (VDLF Action) attorney received a letter from the partisan Office of the Special Counsel withdrawing all of their subpoenas directed at VDLF Action. 

Christine Neumann-Ortiz, Executive Director of Voces de la Frontera Action, said:

“VDLF Action celebrates Gableman’s unconditional surrender and this victory in our fight to protect the freedom to vote. These arbitrary subpoenas are a baseless partisan effort from Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and the far-right to spread lies about the 2020 election to undermine the will of Wisconsin voters and attack the freedom to vote for people of color in future elections. The subpoenas were part of Vos’s sham review that has been marked by lies, incompetence, buffoonery, and secrecy. 

VDLF Action commits to ramp up our efforts to defend the freedom to vote. We will continue to grow our statewide network of Latinx and multiracial youth voters in 2022  to elect candidates who will champion immigrant and worker rights, and help defeat the forces of hatred and white supremacy.

We stand in solidarity with Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway, Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich, and others who’ve been wrongfully targeted in this modern day McCarthyite witch hunt. We demand that Assembly Speaker Vos put this wasteful, partisan review to an end.”

Voces de la Frontera Action’s attorney from Law Forward, Dan Lenz, said: “We are happy that Mr. Gableman and his office have ended their unlawful attack on our client’s constitutional rights, and hope that this signals the end of this corrosive, secretive and unlawful process.”


CONTACT: Anna Dvorak, 414-469-0118, anna@vdlf.org

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