VDLF Action Condemns WI GOP’s Racist & Xenophobic Voter Suppression Amendment to the State Constitution?

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(WISCONSIN) – Yesterday, Republicans in the Wisconsin State Legislature continued their efforts to restrict voting freedom by passing a joint resolution (AJR54/SJR32) that would needlessly amend the state constitution to prohibit non U.S. citizens from voting. Currently, only U.S. citizens who meet certain requirements are eligible to vote in Wisconsin. Immigrants who are not naturalized U.S. citizens do not have the right to vote in Wisconsin, even though they pay taxes and are a critical part of our communities working in essential industries. Despite these facts, the Wisconsin GOP continues to spread lies about immigrants and elections in order to advance their agenda to restrict voting freedom.

The Wisconsin State Senate passed the same resolution last month. In order to amend the state constitution, the resolution needs to pass two consecutive legislatures and then be ratified by Wisconsin voters.

Christine Neumann-Ortiz, Executive Director of Voces de la Frontera Action, said: 

“Thank you, Wisconsin Republicans, for reminding Wisconsin voters of your failure to deliver anything meaningful to address the real and urgent needs of working Wisconsinites during a major election year. Thank you, for reminding our state’s growing Latinx voting population that the GOP offers nothing but racism and xenophobia towards the immigrant essential workers who put food on their tables and uphold the local economies across the state and in their districts. 

It’s no wonder why Republicans are working so hard to limit the freedom to vote if all they have to offer Wisconsin voters is more anti-immigrant hate mongering, bullying against LGBTQ youth, and elitist arrogance towards the needs of poor and working class children and families.

Voces de la Frontera Action will continue to expose the GOP’s lies and manipulations, and mobilize Latinx and multiracial youth voters across Wisconsin to elect candidates that are true champions for immigrants and all of Wisconsin’s working families. Wisconsinites deserve better than an illegitimate Republican majority that only gained their power through corrupt partisan gerrymandering. When the people unite against hatred and racism, we will never be defeated.”


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