Latinx Voters & Allies Celebrate the Freedom to Vote Early Amidst Republican’s Ongoing Attacks on Voting Rights


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(MILWAUKEE, WI) – This morning, Latinx voters on Milwaukee’s south side gathered at the Zablocki Library to vote early before heading to Voces de la Frontera Action’s (VDLFA) office to celebrate their freedom to vote. The “Freedom to Vote Early” Celebration was held to uplift the power of Milwaukee’s growing Latinx vote and promote early voting amidst relentless attacks on the freedom to vote by Wisconsin Republicans. VDLFA members who’ve been working for months canvassing in Latinx communities and reaching out to their family and friends to vote were joined by allies from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and Souls to the Polls

The event was streamed on Voces de la Frontera Action’s Facebook page here. A media toolkit is available for members of the media as well.

Milwaukee voters have an opportunity to elect a new Mayor for the first time in nearly 20 years this spring. VDLFA has proudly endorsed acting Mayor Cavalier Johnson. Click here for downloadable photos of VDLF Action members with Mayor Johnson. VDLF Action has also endorsed Milwaukee County Supervisor candidates Juan Miguel Martinez (District 12) and Eric Rorholm (District 3). See full list of VDLF Action endorsed candidates statewide at

Angelica Casillas, newly naturalized citizen who voted for the first time early said, “I’ve been a lawful permanent resident for 20 years and became a citizen because I wanted the right to vote for myself. It feels great to have the freedom to have a voice in my community, and I encourage everyone to vote early!”

Deisy Espana, MATC student who is organizing her friends to get out the vote, said “This morning, I voted early with others in my community. I’m the daughter of undocumented immigrants and they taught me to always work for what I believe in. My parents cannot vote, which means I am the voice for my family and many other immigrants who are unable to vote. We cannot expect things to change if we don’t show up to vote in these local elections. Black, Brown, White working class people face similar issues. We go to the same underfunded schools, we work the same minimum wage jobs, we drink the same contaminated water. It feels like we are continuously overlooked. We have an opportunity to take power for our communities and take a stand against fascism. We have a lot at stake and I’m asking that everyone who can vote make a plan to vote early.”

Christine Neumann-Ortiz, Executive Director of Voces de la Frontera Action, said, “The only way to defeat voter suppression is through voter mobilization. We have to educate, inspire, and mobilize voters to come out. The candidate choices are clear for us. Caviler Johnson supports ending any kind of police and ICE collaboration, which undermines community trust, promotes racial profiling, and breaks up families. Juan Miguel Martinez, is a Voces member and represents a new breed of candidates, coming from the community, and stepping forward. Eric Rorholm is a candidate who, like the rest, will be accountable to meaningful engagement in the decisions that are made to impact our communities and to moving a pro-working class agenda that makes Milwaukee a welcoming city for all.”

Pastor Greg Lewis from Souls to the Polls said, “We need to elect people who will look out for our interests. It’s terribly hurtful to know that rightwing politicians try to make it more difficult for people to vote. If we don’t start to fight back and fight back harder, the far-right is going to win. We need to stop this, starting with voting for a new Mayor early or on election day, April 5!”

Calena Roberts from SEIU said, “If our vote wasn’t important why would they go through all these channels and changes to try to keep us from voting? Robin Vos is wasting our tax dollars spreading lies about an election that happened two years ago. We could be using that money to get people out to the polls. Why are we out here in 2022 talking about the freedom to vote? We’re standing up here to say enough! Go vote!”

Early voting began statewide this past Tuesday, March 22 and goes until Saturday, April 2. Milwaukee voters can vote early at any of these early voting locations or on Election Day, Tuesday, April 5, at their polling location. 


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