VDLF Action Continues to Build Working Class Latinx and Multiracial Voting Power in Wisconsin

Succeeds in Electing Pro-Immigrant Candidates to Local Offices Across the State

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(WISCONSIN) – The results of Tuesday’s Spring General Election demonstrate the growing power of Latinx and multiracial youth voters and the effectiveness of Voces de la Frontera Action’s (VDLFA) voter outreach program to turn them out across the battleground state of Wisconsin. VDLFA’s comprehensive program reached more than 60,000 predominantly Latinx and mulitracial voters in Milwaukee, Racine and Dane counties through door-to-door canvassing, phone banking, and relational organizing. The results of the election reflect this growing power, with six pro-immigrant, pro-worker candidates endorsed by VDLFA winning key local offices across the state. 

In Milwaukee, acting Mayor Cavalier Johnson won a historic election for Mayor. VDLFA endorsed Mayor Johnson after he met with VDLFA members in March and committed to communicating and collaborating with VDLFA in a meaningful way throughout his time in office to ensure the safety and dignity of Milwaukee’s immigrant families. In addition, Juan Miguel Martinez, a Voces member, union organizer and son of Mexican immigrants, won his election for Milwaukee County Supervisor District 12.  

In Racine County, VDLFA succeeded in helping to flip the Racine County Board to be majority progressive by electing longtime public school teacher Tom Rutkowski in District 3 and securing the reelection of Eric Hopkins in District 9. 

In Dane County, VDLFA helped reelect two worker and immigrant rights champions: Dane County Supervisor Anthony Gray in District 14 and Fitchburg Alderman Joe Maldonado in District 1.

Fabi Maldonado, Political Director of VDLFA, said, “Latinxs are the fastest growing population in Wisconsin and represent a burgeoning voting bloc with the ability to swing statewide elections. One of our goals this election was to build up the leadership amongst Latinxs and multiracial youth in our community to turn out their friends, family and neighbors to vote and elect candidates who are going to defend and fight for immigrant and working class families. We look forward to continuing to grow our capacity to turnout even more voters this fall.”

Karina Hinojosa Zavala, DACA recipient and a lead Milwaukee canvasser for VDLFA, said, “As a DACA recipient who’s lived in Milwaukee since I was six months old, this election was critical to ensuring the safety and dignity of all Milwaukee families, including immigrant families like mine. Even though I don’t have the right to vote, I still participate in the electoral process by leading canvassing in the Latinx community to ensure that anyone who has the right to vote exercises that right.”


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