Driver’s Licenses for All

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Driver’s Licenses (DL)

Throughout his first four-year term as Governor of Wisconsin, Governor Tony Evers has championed the restoration of driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants. Unfortunately, the gerrymandered, Republican-led State Legislature has blocked Evers’s efforts to restore driver licenses for immigrants, by voting it out of the state budget or opposing standalone legislation.

How do immigrants win access to driver’s licenses? 

  • A bill is introduced for consideration to go before the elected state representatives who will vote in favor or against.
  • A bill is passed when the majority of elected state representatives vote in favor.
  • The bill then goes to the governor who makes the final decision.
  • If and when the governor signs the bill approved by the majority of elected representatives, it becomes law.

Why don’t we have driver’s licenses in Wisconsin?

Because the majority of elected Republicans don’t support driver’s licenses. 

  • Gov. Evers kept his promise to us, that he would fight for driver’s licenses.
  • Gov. Evers introduced driver’s licenses into the state budget twice!
  • Elected Democrat state representatives voted in favor.
  • Elected Republicans, who have a majority, voted no, stopping driver’s licenses.

The future of driver’s licenses in Wisconsin?

  • We need to elect more state representatives statewide that support restoring driver’s licenses in WI and we need to elect a pro-immigrant governor.
  • Tim Michels is running an anti-immigrant platform. He will veto driver’s licenses and work with Republicans to introduce anti-immigrant legislation that attacks our families and communities!
  • Gov. Evers is committed to working with us to win driver’s licenses. These fights for driver’s licenses take years to win, but we are advancing and we need Evers to keep moving forward.

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