VDLFA endorses Dianne Hesselbein for State Assembly

As an organization which fights for civil and labor rights, Voces de la Frontera Action proudly supports Dianne Hesselbein for State Assembly, District 77.

According to VDLF Action director Christine Neumann-Ortiz, “Dianne represents the kind of progressive leadership that is needed at the State Assembly. In her capacity as County Supervisor with the Dane County Immigration Task Force, she has become an important advocate for fair policies which promote greater public safety between the immigrant community and local and state law enforcement.”

In contrast, her Democratic contender Brett Hulsey has supported the Dane County Sheriff’s policy of reporting undocumented immigrants to ICE for minor infractions such as unpaid tickets or driving without a license. This includes people who have been found innocent of the charge for which they were brought in.

“The current Dane County Sheriff’s policy of reporting immigrants to ICE has created a climate of fear in the community, has separated families and broken down trust with local law enforcement. We need elected officials who value the positive contributions of immigrants in our community and who will fight for just policies for all. We believe Dianne is this person,” said Mario Garcia Sierra, a Madison member of VDLFA.

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