Arizona-style anti-immigrant law on the way to Wisconsin

State Representative Pridemore has begun to circulate an anti-immigrant bill designed to legalize racial profiling in Wisconsin, similar to Arizona’s SB-1070.  We must begin to mobilize in mass numbers to fight this attack on our civil rights!

Here is the bill:

Please come to the Capitol this Saturday, March 12 with Voces Action to show Wisconsin and the world that immigrants will not stand for these attacks, and to also defend:

  • BadgerCare, SeniorCare, FamilyCare, & Food Stamps for legal immigrants
  • In-state tuition rates for undocumented students
  • Medical benefits for undocumented pregnant women


Saturday, March 12 – Buses to Madison:

Milwaukee: Buses depart 11 am from Voces de la Frontera Action, 1027 S. 5th St. Return at 6 pm

To reserve your seat for Milwaukee buses call: 414-643-1620

Racine: Buses depart 10 am from Pick ‘n Save, 2210 Rapids Dr. Return at 6:30 pm

To reserve your seat for Racine buses call: 262-619-4180

Kenosha: Buses depart 10 am from Centro Hispano, 5900 11th Ave. Return at 6:30 pm

To reserve your seat for Kenosha bus call: Ana Ortiz, 262-657-2160 ext. 230
Burlington: Buses depart 10 am from Iglesia de San Carlos Borromeo, 440 Kendall St. Return 6:30 pm

To reserve your seat for Burlington buses call: Antonio 262-492-6434

We also need volunteers to help us make phone calls!

Every day this week from 5pm to 7pm to invite people to march in the capitol on Saturday.  Thank you!  Call (414) 643-1620 if you are available.
Suggested donation (not required): $10 to cover transportation costs

Why are we going to Madison?

Governor Walker is attacking our civil rights as a Latino and immigrant community.  Walker’s budget eliminates  in-state tuition rates for undocumented students who want to pursue higher education.  If the budget passes, tuition costs for undocumented students would go up 10 times at a technical college from $150/credit to $1,500/credit.  For the university, it would double from $9,000/year to around $23,000/year.

In addition, the budget would deny access to health care for legal immigrant families who receive Badger Care, Senior Care, Family Care, and food stamps.  It would also deny access to prenatal care for undocumented pregnant women, endangering the life of the mother and child.

Massive cuts to public education, health care and government services will impact ALL working class families in Wisconsin.  Walker’s plan also eliminates the rights of public employees, such as teachers, from organizing in the workplace.

We must mobilize NOW on a mass scale to push back against Walker’s assault on our civil and labor rights; for our children, our families, and our community.

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